About us
at Integrated Health Otago

Integrated Health Otago is a family owned and run business, dedicated to restoring the health and well being of each individual in a warm and friendly environment.

Our mission

Our aim is to deliver high quality, evidence-based Osteopathic and Physiotherapy services, providing patients with an accurate diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation plan.

On going clinician education will enable clients to not only understand their condition but also empower them to take control and self manage their disorder, maximising function and quality of life.

Our vision

Our patients’ attainment of maximal health, well-being and quality of life, with an ability to maintain this status quo. For each individual to have insight and the capacity to reflect on the difference their experience at Integrated Health Otago has had on their recovery and overall wellness.

Integrated Health Otago possess a philosophy and approach to health care that developed through Jim’s work with disabled and able bodied elite, professional and Olympic athletes within a multitude of sports.

Every assessment and treatment will combine both Osteopathic philosophy, where the body is considered as a complex integrated system, with muscle balance and rehabilitative techniques from Physiotherapy.

From the initial assessment of the body systems, biomechanics and movement analysis, the root cause of your pain can be diagnosed and a unique treatment and rehabilitation program implemented to meet your specific needs. Each client specific intervention is designed to stop pain, reduce the risk of re-injury and facilitate optimal health.

Integrated Health Otago believes combining both Physiotherapy and Osteopathic principles will benefit both young and old, able bodied and those with disability as well as amateur and elite athletes, and anyone in between!